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Posted on: April 22, 2009 1:45 am


I found that article on the Giants team page on this site.  And it speaks to my soul about the Boldin-Giants situation.  It cuts out the fat of draft picks, Braylon Edwards, and the salary.  The Giants, as the article said, are in the position to go all-in.  They have the extra draft picks and chance to get ahold of something that can have an immediate impact.  The article really said it well.  The Giants need a #1 WR, that's a fact.  And Boldin is the type of receiver, that they can sleep easy at night knowing he will be able to deliver on game day.  As to where Braylon, who knows what his ability is after going from hot to cold in such a quick manner.  Boldin is available and he has made it clear he wants out.  The Giants are a Super Bowl ready team waiting for their main weapon and Boldin could easily be that perfect target to make the Giants the perfect team.  A well balanced and winning team.  GET BOLDIN.  I don't care what anyone else says, the guy is worth it.  You cannot tell me he is not.  He is worth the investment, he is worth the salary cap hit.  Go get him!

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Posted on: April 22, 2009 11:31 am


I do agree with Boldin over Edwards, but honestly, I think trading for Gonzales would be a great addition, at a easily affordable price.  Two years with Gonzo as a red zone target, mentoring Boss, freeing up the safety support from the running game, and taking pressure off the youger recievers adds up to a very potent offense.

Maybe even a deal with KC to get Gonzo and package up a bunch of picks to move up in the first round, adding a top WR, LB, or RB/OL works also.  They do not need to much to get back to the SB.  What they would give up for Boldin may be worth adding to the package to get Gonzo and a higher first rounder.

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Posted on: April 22, 2009 2:33 am


Hey wildkatilac, I was checkin out my profile and i don't know why but in my favorite blog section they keep adding favorite blogs there automatically for some reason. So i noticed that they add yours, so i'm here checkin it out. I wasn't able to connect to the site. I have the internet on my phone and do most of my writing from there. I like Boldin he's a monster, but for some reason i'm not to keen on the idea of throwin all picks and cash at one reciever. Still a firm believer of seeing what we have at the end of this season. On the other hand i do want someone that can step in and make an impact and i'm sure Boldin can do that, maybe. I still think we need to crab some young talent in the draft. In the first round or even give up next years picks. I can see them goin that route. That would be a very smart move.

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